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Tesla Control - Charging Screen

Tesla Control icon

Tesla Control icon.

Charging Screen

The Charging screen provides information and controls for monitoring and managing the charging status of your car. The following operations are provided:

Open Chargeport - Clicking this control Opens or Closes (if motorized port is installed) the charging port.

Start Charging - Clicking this control Starts or Stops a charging session for the currently selected car.

Set Charge Limit - Clicking this control enables you to set the battery charge limit. Use the slider or preset charge level buttons to set the desired limit.

Charging State

This indicates whether the car is currently charging. Note: If super-charging is detected that will be indicated.

Charge Time Remaining

If the vehicle is currently charging an estimate of the charge time remaining is displayed.

Scheduled Charge

If scheduled charging is set for the current location the next charge start time will be displayed.

Charge Port

This displays whether the charge port is current Open or Closed.

Projected Range

This displays the projected range remaining in either mi or km.

Battery Level Indicator

The green bar and text indicates the current battery level reported by Tesla servers for the vehicle as well as either the Rated range (Typical in Europe) or Ideal range (Rated in Europe).

Battery Level

This displays the current battery level in percent.

Charge Limit

This displays the current charge limit setting in percent.

Charging Rate

If the car is charging this displays the current charge rate in either mi/hr or km/hr. The current charging voltage, current and power are also shown.