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Tesla Control - Windows 10 App

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Welcome to Tesla Control!

Tesla Control is the most popular, highest-rated, and most actively updated and supported Windows Store app available today for Tesla vehicles!

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What exactly is Tesla Control?

Tesla Control is an unofficial Windows Store app for monitoring and controlling Tesla vehicles. It supports the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y!

Why Tesla Control?

I am a Tesla owner and enthusiast. Early in my ownership experience I learned that Tesla does not provide an official app for Windows. But I wanted to be able to monitor and control my car from my Windows Phone and on my PC's both at home and at work.

I created this project to fill that gap. While Tesla Control started primarily as a personal solution, it is available for other owners to use if they wish.

Tesla Control includes several unique features including Alerts, EcoStats and Leaderboards not found in any other Tesla apps. Not even the official iOS and Android apps from Tesla Motors!

Just some of the features provided include:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Start/stop charging
  • Set the charge limit
  • Open (and close if supported) the charge port
  • Windows Live Tile support
  • Open/close the trunk and open the frunk
  • Start/stop climate system and adjust temperatures
  • Vent/close sunroof (if installed)
  • Lock/unlock the doors
  • Flash the lights
  • Beep the horn
  • Remotely start the car
  • Enable/disable valet mode
  • Media controls
  • Speed limit controls
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Statistic Leaderboards
  • Configurable Alerts and Reminders
  • Schedule Tesla software updates

Support Tesla Control!

Writing and maintaining a quality app takes a lot of work. The author hopes to keep the basic version of the app free while continuing to add support for new features and support for new Tesla vehicles.

If you would like to support Tesla Control and ensure that it continues be available for free please consider making a donation!

Not yet a Tesla Control user?

If you have not yet tried Tesla Control why wait? You can Get Tesla Control for FREE from the Windows Store!

Already a Tesla Control user?

If you are already a user of Tesla Control, thank you! As a fellow owner and Tesla enthusiast, I hope you that continue to enjoy Tesla Control and find it useful!

Please consider joining the Tesla Control user community and help shape the future development of the app.

Why are advertisements shown in the app and on the website?

This is a common question! App developement is a costly and risky endeavor. Unfortunately, few small independant app developers break-even let alone earn a net profit on their efforts.

It can take many hundreds up to thousands of hours of research, development and testing to create, publish and maintain a high-quality app. Additionally, an evolving regulatory landscape, for example the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while great for consumers significantly complicates app development. Each new regulation further increases app development and operational costs.

Rather than require users to pay up front for Tesla Control, or offer a limited trial period, we have chosen to offer the basic app to users for free. That way, our users can take their time to evaluate Tesla Control and decide whether it meets their needs.

Tesla Control has already been updated over 80 times to add new features and address issues reported by our world-wide user community.

If you use Tesla Control and enjoy the app, then purchasing one or more of the available add-on upgrades is one small way to help offset the significant and on-going development, test and operational costs for the author. Tesla Control started as, and continues to be, a passion project for the author. It is not a profitable enterprise.

How do I use Tesla Control?

If you are new to Tesla Control a great place to start is to read through the documentation. Try starting with the Status Screen documentation and then continue to explore the rest of the documentation as well as the FAQ.

How was Tesla Control created?

Tesla Control is a Universal Windows Application (UWA) written in HTML5 and Javascript. As a UWA the exact same app is able to run on Windows desktops, tablets, phones, Xbox One, Surface Hub, and even HoloLens!

The core functionality of Tesla Control is based on technology provided by the open source TeslaJS library. TeslaJS in turn relies on the prior work of a great many dedicated Tesla owners. The author of Tesla Control has made the TeslaJS library available for others to use free of charge.

Tesla Control also uses FontAwesome for many of its icons. We have a number of icon requests logged with FontAwesome, please consider voting for them on the FontAwesome Icon Leaderboard. Please select each icon request and Like it. They require a minimum of votes for a new icon to be created.

Join the community!

We encourage users to participate in the ongoing development of Tesla Control, interact with fellow users from around the world, report issues, receive support, and even make suggestions for new features by following Tesla Control on Facebook.

Please refer to our Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for important information and additional details regarding your rights and obligations with respect to the use of Tesla Control.